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Microsoft Lync 2013

Microsoft sink in the business standard for web conferencing and chat becomes. In the final version of the 2013 sink better.

Features ciriLync more features than you can shake a stick at. Microsoft has years of experience in creating the perfect chat client. Sink includes not only the eye, but video conferencing and collaboration tools quickly and was kuat.Mesej immediately as expected. The current status of your contacts clearly shown next to their name. The status will be integrated into Outlook so well, so you know when someone is talking dengan.Coferencing a sink Feathures. You can share audio, video, screen and whiteboard and elections. Sink is a new version of video HD. Microsoft uses SVC ensures that the video posted clearly at 1080p.

Usabilitypanggilan speech and video are stable and usable renewed, even under poor network conditions. Microsoft has worked hard to reform the architecture sink as many features available that can slow down the network interface has been redesigned to or kegagalan.Antara look more like Windows 8 Modern UI apps deliver. They are flat, white and blue. This makes for a bit boring, but you quickly addapt kepadanya.Lync easy to use and all the functions are clearly presented. It does not take to figure out how to do something behind the appearance, even if you’ve never used an earlier version of the sink before. Hover over the link, all the ways you can communicate with dia.Lync taking a page from Google’s book partnerships with large screen visible all the presentation of a video chat on this joint. This makes it easy for virtual gaguge public reaction.

Ecosystems and ecosystem services menggilapIa for today and the challenges Microsoft with a complete ecosystem for sink. There is also a Windows Phone 8 app is excellent. Plans for versions of Android and iOS juga.Microsoft know not all users sink installed on all computers, so that they have put in place to create additional web applications for a sink. Users can log in any modern browser on their sink. The web application offers the possibility of HD video conferencing, VoIP, instant and share desktop.Terakhir messanging by not least, Microsoft has been vocal about the integration with Skype to offer sink. This means that users can access all contacts Skype mereka.kesimpulanWalaupun sink Microsoft pushes lets users will have to use Skype, refusing business users use sink. It was not a problem but as a sink in one of the most thoughtful chat clients out there today. Many features that are very good and the interface is well done. It seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products and services ecosystem sink meets its use.

Microsoft Lync 2013

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