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Propellerheads Reason v5


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: 08/2010

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wine OSX

Digital Audio Workstation


You do not need, or

Propellerhead Reason 5 – instruments that improve the action and the sequence beatmaker, loop, distorted, handling vocals, songs and music production. Including the sequence Drum Designer, gamers loop upgraded Dr. Octo Rex, Block and sampling life. Music for standalone installation of samples, and even recharge audio files. 5 music format has its own reasons to collaborate with your friends easily. Although breezier than before, actually. 5 reasons you can use a MIDI keyboard, pads and controls for playback and recording instruments. Lock the control panel 16 of the Congo, using the keyboard to play your synths. Or use two keyboards on stage for the control of various instruments.

Upgraded Dr. Octo Rex loop player loads eight Rek loops in the single player mode and allows you to switch between them on the fly. It gives management the wind – load guitar toy drum loop to another and use the sequence to choose what to play in loop mode similar nature. With eight loops to switch between players with a new loop to psychological tests. Put player Retrig ring to the rhythm, the proxy on the disc or 16 loops themselves as players in the original.

Many musicians tend to think of music in terms such as introduction, chorus, description, and other collectors. Blocks 5 new reason, you do the same sequence. Blocks allows sequencing of songs using the form a greater part of the song as individual blocks are placed at your disposal.

Sampling The reason is simple and direct. Press the start button and logical sampling. Reasons to automatically detect a start. You can try to reason during the work, and if you want – no need to stop the music. Using a microphone, phonograph, equipment or reasonable all mik.

Kong Drum Designer is not your regular module you drum. This module focuses on the drum allows only the drum, the sound you are looking for. It has 16 washers and 16 drums. Build drum sounds based on any of the nine different drum modules. Taste, which has the support of 11 production and feelings. Program Auto, set on a powerful and sequence control of reason. Reason 5 ships with a sound bank, which provides production equipment directly into the forms.

Reason 5 tons of changes to speed up the cause of the record. These changes include support for multiple advanced cable management to improve the water, the faster the example screen keyboard piano, improved sequential applications and more.

Propellerhead Reason 5 features include:

* Designer Drum

* Upgraded Dr. Octo Rex loop player

* Order Block

* Live sampling

* Automatic sample alone (including amendments)

* Notes on the track

* Size Resize film

* Sound tools

* Set loop performance and dynamic

* Tap Tempo

* Improved key commands to use computers

* Hierarchical menus in the integrated program

* Inputs CV more integrated

* System support (including support for Mac)

* Regular and audio clips

* Examples Clip Bounce

* System Requirements MAC: Intel Mac (Core more), 1 GB of RAM or more, DVD drive, Mac OS X or higher, 2 GB of free space on your hard drive, monitor with a resolution of 1024×768 or higher, audio interface CoreAudio compatible or built-in audio hardware MIDI keyboard and MIDI instructions

* Windows System request: Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon or later, a DVD drive 1GB of RAM, Windows XP SP3, Vista or Windows 7, 2 GB of free disk space, a monitor with a resolution of 1024×768 or higher, 16-bit sound card compatible with Windows , ASIO driver, interactive MIDI keyboard and MIDI instructions

System requirements:


* Intel Mac (Core more)

* 1 GB of RAM or more

* DVD player

* Mac OS X or later

* 2 GB of free disk space

* Monitor with 1024×768 resolution or greater

* According to CoreAudio audio interface or built-in audio equipment

* MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard recommended to


* Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon or better

* 1 GB of RAM

* DVD player

* Windows XP SP3, Vista or Windows 7

* 2 GB of free disk space

* Monitor with 1024×768 resolution or greater

* Audio compatible with Windows 16-bit driver ASIO

* MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard recommended to


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Propellerheads Reason v5

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